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About Buds Hydro

Custom Building Our Futures Together


Our Specialty Is Custom Building Extraction Equipment On A Personal Level While Providing Free Advanced Custom Training In Our Private Warehouse AND 24/7 Live Support From The Trainer Himself - We Are Here Not Only For Your Safety, But Also To Help You Advance Your Skill Level And Knowledge As You Move Forward In This Exciting Industry! 

Hydroponics Superstore

Did you know Buds Hydro also has a large hydroponics showroom ? We offer everything from free start up information to help with the most advanced setups and grow issues. Call ahead to schedule a private meeting to avoid prying eyes! Buds Hydro will also beat quotes, so please give us a call and let us help you save some cheese today as we are truly the closest thing to wholesale! 

We Cater To Your Privacy

 Buds Hydro advanced extraction training sessions are done in private before or after business hours and inside our massive warehouse in Monroe Mi . You will be able to pull your vehicle completely inside our warehouse to avoid unwanted eyes during the training session and loading of your new equipment.  We even offer off-site meetings for those super private types looking for honest information about growing, extracting and short path distillation ! 

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Extracting & Polishing

Scientific Glassware for Distillation and Polishing

Short Path Distillation

Rotary Evaporators are designed to recover your solvent in a low temp gentle manner to preserve your essential oils and recover your solvent for re use again and again!  Many size rotary evaporators available! 

Terpenes Available !


Buds Hydro carries a wide variety of natural steam distilled plant terpenes! These terpenes are NOT derived from cannabis! Call for more details 

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Building Your Future !


Buds Hydro will listen to your needs and design a one of a kind machine just for you! after we train you on the machine we will also provide 24/7 live phone support in case you have any last minute questions or concerns! 

Our Team

Bud - Adam Brant


Owner-Operator-Extractor Designer & Trainer - Grow Pro 

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Mark Brant


Head Purchaser & Product Procurer - Foreign Transaction Specialist 

Aerielle Barkenquast


Head Store Manager - Grow Pro - Inventory Specialist - Pro Extract Artist 

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Please feel free to contact a member of our staff directly with any questions, comments, or scheduling inquiries you may have.

You can also email Bud directly at Bud@budshydro.com

Buds Hydro

959 S Telegraph Rd, Monroe, Michigan 48161, United States

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Call to schedule something outside of our normal hours - Private shopping available & we ship anywhere! 

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